About me.

The prime intention of this website is to share with you photographs taken on various excursions I have undertaken since investing in a DSLR. I hope you enjoy exploring the various portfolios.


I currently reside in Chiang Mai, capital of northern Thailand and most probably the cultural capital for the whole of the "Land of Smiles". My arrival in CM, for the records, was Valentines day, 2012.

Why Chiang Mai ?? In all honesty I am really not sure but I do enjoy the tranquility of Thailands second largest city.

Prior to my relocation to CM I worked and lived in Shanghai, China for a period of 9 years. 

Shanghai !!! A first world city in every repect. China !!! An absolutely awesome country.

Life up until China was in my country of birth, South Africa with Port Elizabeth, the "friendly city"  and also "windy city" being my home port so to speak.  A large portion of my working life was in Johannesburg which was interrupted for a short spell, for work porposes, in the "mother city" Cape Town.

I must admit that I do miss African skies.



+86 137 8898 7235.

CHIANG MAI, Thailand.

+66 87 193 5475

Skype: ShanghaiSharp




Geiko san.

Kind regards

Alex Sharp