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Oct. 28, 2015

Today, 28th October 2015, marks the start of my 2nd Japan trip of the year. I departed Chiang Mai early this afternoon and am now in Bangkok where I'll stay until Sunday 1st November. During my 4 day stay in the City of Angels I'll visit the SA Embassy to sort out some paoerwork I need for the Thai Immigration boys. Also on my agenda is to participate in the 14th Annual Hard Rock Cafe Charity event which takes place on Saturday 31st October. More about all this later.

Jul. 17, 2014

More recently I have had opportunity to capture, around a month apart,

two different lotus flowers that have emerged from the same pot. Noticed

this morning that a new bud has emerged, from the same pot and now

await the “grand opening”. Once open the lotus only lasts for 2-3 days

before loosing it’s petals.

May. 26, 2014

A = Amsterdam, Antwerp, Addis Ababba, Albufeira, Ayutthaya. Avonmouth
B = Berlin, Brussels, Bremen, Bangkok, Brugge, Belfast, Birkenhead,  Bloemfontein, Beijing, Bristol, Beira
C = Cologne, Cape Town, Chicago, Chester, Changchun, Clanwilliam, Citrusdal
D = D'jbouti, Dublin, Durban, Dalian, Dar es salaam, Den Hague, Delft
E = Elizabeth, NJ., East London, SA
F = Fukuoka, Frankfurt
G = Glasgow, Genoa, GuangZhou, Grahamstown, Gouda
H = Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Harbin, Hamburg, Helgoland,Hull,
       Ho Chi Minh,  Hiroshima
I  = Ille de Sol (Cape Verde)
J = Johannesburg
K = Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terengganu, (all Malaysia,) Kyoto,Kobe
L = Liverpool, London, Lisbon, Lyon, Lille, Lubeck, Langkawi,  Lourenco Marques, Las Palmas
M = Macau, Maseru, Milano, Malacca, Maputo, M'babane
N = New York, Nagoya, Nara, Nanjing, Ningbo, 
O = Osaka, Otsu,Japan
P = Paris, Penglai, Port Louis, Pretoria, Pattaya, Port Elizabeth, Penang, Paarl
Q = Queenstown, SA, Qingdao, China
R = Rotterdam, Rome, Redang (Island)
S = Seoul, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, Schwerin, Sintra,
Saint Denis, Saigon, Stellenbosch
T = Tokyo, Tianjin
U = Uitenhage
V = Vollendam
W = Windsor,UK.,Witbank, Walvis Bay  (SA.) Wuxi & Weihai,China
X =  Xi'An
Y = Yantai, Yokohama
Z =  Zhuhai, ZhangJiaGang & Zhongshan, China
Feb. 16, 2014

Tomorrow evening I will head off in an easterly direction, destination Kyoto, Japan. My 6th visit to Japan, my 2nd to Kyoto, old capital of Japan and city where the inhabitants live their culture. Will try and update on a daily basis thus creating a diary of events.

Airpost at destination, Kansai, (KIX) serves the cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, all being about an hours bus ride away.